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Teeth Bonding : Composite Bonding

Your dentist placed “composite resin” restorations on your son’s teeth to replace the missing tooth structure. These tooth-colored fillings are a mixture (a “composite”) of a plastic-based matrix with inorganic glass filler. A “coupling” or joining agent is used to enhance the bond between the two components. The glass filler gives the composite resin wear resistance and translucency for both strength and esthetics. The ratio of plastic matrix to glass filler in the composite resins can vary depending on the circumstance it’s to be used for; biting areas will require more filler for strength, esthetic areas less. And, there are multiple types and brands. Composite resins can be bonded to most healthy tooth structure. They are joined or bonded to the teeth mechanically through microscopic “undercuts” (or locks) in the natural tooth substance that allow the tooth enamel and composite resin to function and look like one piece. Direct composite …

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